When Louisa, at Excel Realty Fine Homes, was choosing a company affiliation she asked herself, Why Excel Realty and Mortgage (ERM)? The answer is simple, and will make your choice simple too.

·        ERM is known as an innovator in the marketplace for Northern California.

·        ERM is a company that embodies technology, experiences and service.

·        ERM is a large company that still feels like a boutique firm.

·        In Northern California they have 250+ agents, closing billions in real estate transactions.

She was looking for more than just an office with clerical support, desk space and local exposure. She wanted much more! She chose Excel Realty and Mortgage for a few reasons:

·         It is the only real estate firm that allows you to be who you are as an agent individually, but still have the corporate structure and support that one needs.

·         ERM ranks within the top 1% among other real estate firms in the community.

·         ERM is one of the fastest growing companies in Northern California.

Louisa and ERM’s model fosters a synergistic environment where all parties succeed through teamwork, encouragement of best practices and rewarding associates who help the company grow.

It is said that all real estate business is local and we at ERM agree. We are proud to be a part of company where decisions affecting Louisa and you are not made by some central office. Just like Louisa, each agent within ERM is tuned into local market trends that are affecting you and your property. Our bottom up approach to business coupled with hyper-focused marketing and micro-market formulas allows us to practice a nimble approach to real estate.

As you can see Louisa is proud and excited about her Excel Realty and Mortgage affiliation. She believes this enthusiasm translates into a commitment to her clients and her fellow agents she does business with. Giving each the best real estate experience possible is her goal.

Louisa is proudly a part of the fine homes division of Excel Realty and Mortgage. Excel Realty Fine Homes, Excel Fine Homes and Excel Realty are exclusive affiliations of ERM.

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