1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative

Luis “Jojo” Arcas III, August 14, 1981 – September 5, 2011
On August 14, 2011 | Our Last Photo Together

I am a believer that inspiration can come from many facets of your life. It’s up to you to use those to make the positive changes that can benefit your life. For me, one of the many things that has inspired me and still continues to do so, is my brother. From the time he was born when I was only five years old, I developed a bond with him that seemed to only grow tighter throughout his 30 years. I took that guy under my wing and made a point to mentor and motivate him any chance I could. He was my wing man, protégé, side kick, go to guy…you name it. In turn, he taught me many things about myself along the way. Aside from being my brother, he turned out to be one of my best and dearest friends. We were different in many ways, but our core was the same. We shared very similar personalities, passions and motivations and he loved his family and friends beyond belief.

Throughout my life, if I came across a hard day, it helped me immensely to wake up knowing that, no matter what life’s challenges may be, my purpose above anything was to lead my brother by example. My brother always inspired me to be who I am, take risks, work hard, but at the same time have fun and to just love and appreciate life. It’s because of him I continually strive to be a better person.

When choosing to change careers and dive into real estate full-time, it was a dream of mine that my brother and I would one day tackle the market and develop and maintain client relationships together – side by side, as a team. We talked about that often and we knew in due time my dream would come true. Unfortunately, my brother passed away too soon to launch my dream together. For the rest of my life, I will do as my brother would and make sure he is remembered everywhere I go. I will continue to make him proud by working in a career of real estate I am most passionate about and let the care I have for my clients continue to be displayed through my work ethic alone.

This website is dedicated to my one and only, forever brother and friend – Luis “Jojo” Arcas III. Still inspiring me in everything thing I do as though he’s still here, Team Louisa is now open for business! Walk With Jojo is another passion of mine, which is a volunteer, charity organization that I founded in 2011 after my brother’s passing. As he was, I’m a huge supporter of children in need and do what I can to stay involved.

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