My Brother Jojo

Luis "Jojo" Arcas III, August 14, 1981 - September 5, 2011 Pictured on August 14, 2011 | Our Last Photo Together

Luis “Jojo” Arcas III, August 14, 1981 – September 5, 2011
Pictured on August 14, 2011 | Our Last Photo Together

March 7, 2014

For my first blog ever I thought it was fitting to write about my brother – one of my best buds – the whole reason I’m starting this blog – my inspiration, as my header reads – and one of the greatest dudes that ever lived…JOJO!

Jojo was five years younger than me, but we had a bond stronger than most. He was the kind of guy that attracted attention anywhere he went. He was the type that commanded attention, not demanded. Even on his worst day, he still exuded a strong fashion sense, especially for shoes.

Like many siblings we had a lot in common, but a lot that was different about us. We were lucky to have grown up in the Tri-Valley. Our first home was in Pleasanton’s Val Vista community. We then moved to Bollinger Hills in San Ramon, then our final stop was San Ramon’s Twin Creeks area. As we grew up we watched our parents work hard to keep us in the area for the great schools and communities. While back then he was more well versed of the San Francisco Bay Area, I on the other hand, was proud to know only the Tri-Valley really well. As we went from kids to adolescents, to then adults he teased me and introduced me to most as his Valley Girl sis. My banter back was always that I was proud to be a product of my environment – the environment, being San Ramon Valley or the Tri-Valley as a whole, where our parents chose to raise us in.

There’s many things I miss about my brother, and because of that is why you’ll often read about him in my blogs. He was my everything – my own definition of everything, and one of my greatest loves. One of the things he was known for besides his style and boisterous laugh, was his sense of humor. The guy made me laugh most times without even trying, but also made me mad without even saying anything. That’s what being siblings is all about, I guess.

One of the last things he teased me about was how I had a mouth piece on me. That was his way of telling me I talk way too much. Since most of what he teased me about only egged me on to bother him even more – alas, SBL Blog is born. This one’s for you Hoho! Love, your big sis!


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