Home Comparison Tool

Unsure what the going rate is for other homes in the area? It is important to have a good grasp of your local market before pricing your home to sell. See what the current home values are in your neighborhood to find out what the market is like near your home, with stats, sale prices and value estimates updated daily.

Team Louisa HomeFinder

Team Louisa HomeFinder is our customized email program that lets us communicate directly with highly interested home-buying prospects, who tell us that they are looking for a home just like yours. As a seller this is a way for you to stay in the know of what other homes you may be competing with.

Stay Connected

In an effort to connect buyers, sellers and agents in a new way, Team Louisa, together with Excel Realty and Mortgage has an app that provides those searching for new homes and looking for open homes with a tool to find them. Available for iPhone and Android, the ERM Real Estate App provides consumers with the quickest and easiest way to find open homes in their area. The app displays nearby properties in real time, increasing your home’s exposure and the likelihood that it will be sold as quickly as possible.

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